When it comes to estimating how long website creation will take and how much website development will cost, it will always depend on a number of factors:

  • whether you need a domain and hosting set up
  • how many pages the website will have
  • what kind of web interactions and functionality you wish to provide your site visitors with
  • whether we have to design custom graphics for your website
  • whether custom coding is required
  • whether it is going to be an e-commerce website and a shopping cart needs to be integrated
  • how many editions at the development stage there will be
  • and any other factors that you can discuss with us when we are estimating the budget for your website.

At MYC Interactive we believe in fair pricing. Each client is unique and each website is custom. While other web design companies try to lock customers in a set-price package regardless of the complexity of the website, we are convinced that a small basic website should not cost as much as a large complex website with twice the amount of content and advanced functionality implemented. This is why we think that website design and development should be charged hourly. This way you know exactly what you are paying for.

Please, see below the pricing for MYC Interactive Web Design and Development Services.


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