The Problem

You have a new web project. Like any other entrepreneur that is thinking of success, you want to make sure you launch your new website in a manner that will not only catch your target audience’s attention, but also convert them into paying customers.

The Desired Outcome

You want to make sure that you not only attract potential customers, but also turn them into paying clients. However, that isn’t enough. You want to make sure that the investment you are putting in into hiring the right person or company to handle your web project is constantly being returned and becoming profitable.

The Problem Solvers

So you know what you want and what your final desired outcome should be. The question now remains: how do you achieve this? Doing a little bit of online searching may guide you to a few options, but they all eventually funnel down to two main divisions: either hire a web developer or a web consultant. What do you do now? What’s the difference between a web developer and a web consultant? What is a web consultant?

The Web Developer

Who Is a Web Developer?

According to the dictionary, a developer (noun) is “a person or thing that develops something”. So by definition, a WEB developer is has to be a person or thing that develops WEB things. If you were thinking that, you are absolutely correct! A web developer learns web-related computer languages to enable him/her to build websites.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Carrying forward from the earlier point, a web developer takes his/her knowledge of the web-related computer languages and writes code to build websites. The developer takes the client’s instructions and follows it to a “T”. He/she recognizes what needs to be done, analyzes the project, comes up with solutions to building the web project and executes them to build the client’s website as they asked for.

Why Hire a Web Developer?

After reading who a web developer is and what they do, you feel the need to just go ahead and hire the developer. I mean, why ask any more questions, right? They seem to be exactly what you are looking for! They understand your project, they follow instructions and deliver you the final outcome like you asked for. They seem to be good at following instructions that are provided. Why then should you even bother trying to figure out what a web consultant is? If you are curious, then keep reading.

The Web Consultant

Who Is a Web Consultant?

Often times, a web consultant is also a web developer. What?! Stop there! We just said that there is a difference between a web developer and a web consultant and now you are saying that a web consultant can also be a web developer… I’m confused now! A web consultant is can be a web developer but his/her main focus is to build the client’s vision into an empire. Instead of focusing on the technical details, they focus on the “why’s”. The reason why a web consultant can also be a developer is because a web consultant understands the technical details of a project and understand which questions to ask to turn the project into a vision.

What Does a Web Consultant Do?

A web consultant asks questions. They don’t simply take a client’s instructions and turn it into a final product. No! A web consultant is never afraid to say no or speak his/her because, to them, the client’s interest is of utmost importance. They want to make sure they understand all the different reasons the client wants to do what they want to do, and what their final outcome is. They want to know why they are envisioning something and what they want it to do for them in return. Then, after asking all the questions, the consultant comes up with a strategy on how to execute on making that vision into reality.

Why Hire a Web Consultant?

If you simply want a website with no direction or end-goal, a web consultant would not be the answer for you. Instead, you would almost butt heads with the web consultant and eventually fire them. However, most of the time, you want to build a website so that it can, in some way, shape, or form, help you achieve that end-goal. If you are one of those people then a web consultant is what you need. They ask all the right questions and figure out – to the tiniest details – what your project is about, and how to achieve your end goal. It could mean that you move away completely from what you envisioned your website to look and feel like, or it could mean that you tweak it and  use other marketing platforms in accordance with your website to help achieve your goals. Whatever it is, a web consultant will help you get to where you want to be.

Difference in Cost

As you can see the stark differences in the job descriptions between the developer and the consultant, you can probably guess that the cost for hiring a web developer is much different than hiring a consultant; and, you would be right in thinking so.

Where a developer could cost you anywhere from $500-3,000, you probably would not get a huge return on that investment, if even close to the cost of what you paid to get the website developed. The developer is not there to help increase your revenue or help achieve that end-goal. They are there, simply, to follow the instructions and provide you with a service that you asked for.

However, a web consultant’s core reason for doing what they do is so that they can help you multiply your return on your investment to the nth degree. Yes, they may cost anywhere from $5,000-10,000 to $40,000+, but their marketing strategies to help your business grow will likely help you earn all that back and keep earning you more on a continuous basis.


There is nothing wrong with hiring a web developer or a web consultant. Everyone’s needs are different. However, if you have a vision that you want someone to take control of and help you monetize it, hiring a web consultant will be the best way to go because a web consultant takes the time to ask questions, thinks outside the box to help your project succeed, and is not afraid to say no if they think that something will harm your business strategy.

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